Driving with Donny: Girls Gone Mild get Messina and life lessons (episode 2)

October 2nd 2014

Driving with Donny Girls Gone Mild

Take a deep breath and enjoy that fine Italian leather (with just a dab of cologne). Episode 2 of Driving with Donny is here!

Watch as Sydney’s sophisticated lover teaches Hannah and Eliza Reilly (Girls Gone Mild) about safe sexting, Italian manners and how to apply cologne. Eliza dishes some surprising news on Coco Chanel, Hannah gives a consoling analogy about pants. And there is an ice cream montage at Gelato Messina.

If that’s not enough to wet your whistle, this episode of Driving with Donny also has Donny Benét in it… so…


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Created by :: Stephanie Day

Director of Photography :: Jack Saltmiras

Donny Benet’s new album ‘Weekend At Donny’s’ is out now through the legendary Rice Is Nice.

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