Demon Derriere talks Big Thick Energy and putting on Lizzo’s Sydney Album Launch Party

July 13th 2022

  • Demon Derriere :: Culture Guide Interview With Victoria Hall

Demon Derriere is a a queer, POC performance artist and the genius behind ‘Big Thick Energy’. She was also a nominee for Best Artist in last year’s FBi SMAC Awards! Big Thick Energy is an inclusive festival that features skill-sharing workshops, artisan markets and empowering high-energy entertainment with a focus on body positivity and self love.

Grammy Award winning icon and body positivity advocate Lizzo has taken notice of Demon and Big Thick Energy’s work. Lizzo and her team have handed them the reins to her Sydney Album Launch party. With Lizzo’s new record ‘Special’ set to arrive on Saturday July 16, Demon Derriere will be hosting a night of nights at Metro Social. She jumped on Culture Guide on Monday arvo to chat all about it with Victoria Hall.

“Lizzo and her team did the smart thing! Connecting with us and connecting with the community to liberate all of us and raise our voices. The party on Saturday is going to be epic, it’s going to go off”

The stars have truly aligned when it comes to Lizzo and Demon Derriere joining forces. Both are empowering artists with their sights set on breaking down barriers for not only themselves but their communities. Victoria quizzed Derriere on her performance and the intention behind it. Her answer makes it clear why she caught the eye of Lizzo.

“So I’m a performance artist and through my creative platform, which is burlesque and dance I try to promote body positivity. So I like to be quite provocative and a little bit disgusting and filthy in order to liberate my body, my fat body and to encourage other babes to liberate theirs as well and just reclaiming space.”
“The whole point is to promote body positivity, abolish fat phobic attitudes and get rid of any tokenistic beauty standards that we have.”

This is not the first event that has been put on by Big Thick Energy. Demon has curated two previous festivals at Darlinghurst Theatre Company, putting on three huge nights on both occasions.

“It’s a community, it’s a movement, it’s all of that. Big Thick Energy came about in 2021. This will be the third one coming up on Saturday. We’ve done them twice before at Darlinghurst Theatre company. It’s been three full days of workshops, pop up stores and live performances on big beautiful booty babes.”

All of these events, including the upcoming Lizzo Album Launch Party have a focus on inclusivity and accessibility. Demon emphasized to Victoria that Big Thick Energy takes pride in creating a safe space for IBPOC, LGBTQIA+ and hearing impaired people. All of their events are AUSLAN Interpreted. 

“I’m a proud hard of hearing, deaf woman and I’ve connected to the deaf community and I adore them. I try to create inclusive and accessible spaces through my performances and festivals… It’s a really great way to create awareness.”

The official Lizzo Album Launch Party this weekend will be a triumphant celebration of music, performance, art and bodies. The lineup includes Coco Jumbo from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Dj Flywaves, Kilia Tipa, Wombat Cereal, Mama Medusa and more. Demon Derriere will be hosting the event, but hinted that she may be doing a sneaky performance. You will have to be there to find out.

“It’s awesome for all these babes to say they’ve been heard and seen by Lizzo. It just proves we’re not in the corner. Fat babes are front and center, in the spotlight… and that’s so cool”

Listen back to Demon Derriere’s interview with Victoria Hall up top and check out more Culture Guide here.

WHAT: Big Thick Energy X Lizzo – Album Launch Party
WHERE: Metro Social, George St
WHEN: From 7pm, Saturday July 16
HOW MUCH: $30, ticketsHERE


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