Culture Guide 26/10 :: Future Archeology, Sydney Open and Science Fiction Film Festival

October 26th 2015



Monday 26th

Tribute to Chantal

The Petersham Bowling Club has established an Inner West Film Forum, a monthly screening of influential films. The Film Les Rendez Vous d’Anna, directed by Chantal Akerman follows a women who is in and out of bed with people and traveling from place to place gleaning information from those around her while never quite connecting. It is a personal and touching tale of disappear and isolation that is impossible not to relate to.

WHAT: Les Rendez Vous d’Anna, Inner West Film Forum
WHEN: 7.30 pm
WHERE: Petersham Bowling Club
HOW MUCH: $15 on the door

Wednesday 28th


Everyone has felt like an outsider. In a Marlon Brando-esque greaser tale the CPAC Youth Committee and Casula Powerhouse Arts bring you a story of trying to keep your nose out of trouble when you are caught on the wrong side of the tracks.

WHAT: The Outsiders
WHEN: 28th – 31st October
WHERE: Casula Powerhouse
HOW MUCH: $20 – $25

– –

NAS Postgrad Show

The annual exhibition of graduates from Fine Arts Honours and Masters is on again. It is always an exciting exhibition to see what your potential favourite artists of the future are making and make an affordable start to you future art collection.

WHAT: National Art School Post Graduate Exhibition
WHEN: 6 – 8 pm
WHERE: National Art School

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Juliet Darling

Juliet Darling will be presenting three digital video art works: ‘Town Hall’, ‘Bondi’ and ‘Mona Lisa’. This trilogy was filmed outside the Town Hall in Sydney, beside the waters of the Atlantic and in the Louvre in front of the Mona Lisa. They are about an adventure of the spirit–waiting. She discovers this subject in three different ways.

WHAT: Juliet Darling Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6 – 8 pm
WHERE: Roslyn Oxley Gallery

Thursday 29th

Future Archaeology

4A Gallery is exploring the artefacts of the future. This is an exhibition of early and mid career artists who draw on the multiplicity of their personal history to create contemporary cultural artefacts of the future. The amazing artist and ceramicist Claudia Nicholson will be creating a new work titled On Our Terms every Tuesday of the exhibition.

WHAT: Future Archaeology
WHEN: Opening 6 – 8 pm – 11 December
WHERE: 4A Centre for Contemporary Art

Friday 30th

Hissy Fit Party

Sydney based collective Hissy Fit are taking over the MCA on Friday night for a dystopic night titled ‘scream your head off’. Pulling together a collection of their favourite artists including Justin Shoulders, Louise Zhang and Giselle Stanborough. There will be art, music and performances. Knowing Hissy Fits unapologetic energy it is sure to be an interesting night.

WHAT: MCA Art Bar Hissy Fit
WHEN: 7 – 11 pm
WHERE: Museum of Contemporary Art
HOW MUCH: $20 – $25 – book online

Saturday 31th

Sci Fi Film Festival

A field day for science fiction fans across the city. Spread across three cinema’s in Parramatta there will be 13 films both old and new. There couldn’t be a more appropriate way to spend your Halloween

WHAT: Sci- Fi Film Festival
WHEN: 23rd October – 12 December
WHERE: Riverside Theatre, Lennox Theatre & Rafferty’s.
HOW MUCH: $5- $15 – book online

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Heaven is a half pipe

Skateboarder turned internationally acclaimed artist, Shaun Gladwell is having an exhibition of new painting, video, photo and installation works. Gladwell is known for repositioning urban subcultures on the high pedestal of art. His works have a very Aussie feel to them, from beaches to long open highways, they are familiar but if you want to, can be understood on a many levels.

WHAT: Shaun Gladwell – Exhibition: The Inspector of Tides
31st October – 19 December
Anna Schwartz Gallery Sydney

Sunday 1st

Sydney Open

Sydney may be a young country but our buildings still have a few stories to tell. One day a year the Sydney Living Museums will be unlocking hidden sandstone passages and polishing off new architectural accomplishments. There will be a bunch of walks, talks and tours so you can discover some of the noocks and crannies of this place we call home.

WHAT: Sydney Open
WHEN: 8am – late
WHERE: Around Sydney
HOW MUCH: $35 – $49

– –

Newtown Festival Week

Ever heard of ‘Birthday Week’ – like all good things that deserve celebrating Newtown Festival are now taking over the town for a whole week that will climax with the festival next Sunday. Every night of next week will be packed with fun times from gigs, to street art competitions to market stalls. It will truly be a gala of everything that makes Newtown great.

WHAT: Newtown Festival Week
WHEN: 1st November – 8th November
WHERE: Newtown
HOW MUCH: Check online!


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