Culture Guide 6 – 12 August: Science Week, Bla(c)kness in Australia, 1200kms West & More!

August 5th 2018
Monday 6th August

Plunkett Street Student's Tour of 'Common Knowledge and Learning Curves'

Students from Plunkett Street Primary School will be leading a very unique tour of Keg De Souza’s current show at Art Space, ‘Common Knowledge and Learning Curves’. The students will becoming the teachers as they tell you about the exhibition space, the works and places that are significant to them.

WHAT: Exhibition Tour
WHEN: Monday 6 August, 2:15-3:15pm
WHERE: Artspace
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Urban Decay

Miniaturist and artist Joshua Smith’s intricately detailed models of overlooked buildings celebrate the beauty of urban grime, rust, decay and graffiti. This exhibition offers insights into Joshua Smith’s meticulous approach to his work including research conducted through Google Maps and location photography recreating building’s facades to scale using a variety of materials including MDF, cardboard and plastic. Intrinsically fascinating, the miniatures provide a fresh way of experiencing and understanding our urban environment.

WHAT: Exhibition
WHEN: Thursday 2 August – Wednesday 26 September
WHERE: Australian Design Centre
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Exhibition: GREEN ON RED

Three female First Nations artists challenge culture, belonging and resistance. In celebration of NAIDOC Week and coinciding with the theme ‘Because of her, we can!’, the Bearded Tit is handing over their space to three First Nations women who use their art to decolonise mind and body, and to challenge notions of privilege, culture and personal history.

WHAT: Exhibition: GREEN ON RED
WHEN: Jun 26, 2018 – Aug 18, 2018
WHERE: The Bearded Tit, Regent St, Redfern
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here

Tuesday 7th August

1200kms West

For over 25 years, UNSW Art & Design students have been travelling 1200kms west out to Fowlers Gap. Immersed in this arid zone of NSW, artists from a diverse array of degree programs work alongside one another, responding to the environment around them. ‘1200kms West’ presents the outcome of this trip.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Tuesday 7 August, 6-8pm
WHERE: AD Space, UNSW Art & Design
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Sydney Ideas - Bla(c)kness in Australia

Transition Magazine is launching their new issue “Bla(c)kness in Australia”. The collection brings together the voices and artwork of diverse Bla(c)k writers, artists, poets, and scholars in Australia. There will be readings, a panel discussion, and a chance for you to ask questions in a Q&A!

WHAT: Magazine Launch
WHEN: Tuesday 7 August, 6-7:30pm
WHERE: University of Sydney
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Wednesday 8th August


Head along to Goodspace for the opening of Zine-o-matic, an exhibition of avid ziners and their incredible zines. Featuring over 12 artists, there will be mountains of zines to look through, and if you take a fancy to one, all zines are only $3 for the night!

WHAT: Exhibition opening
WHEN: Wednesday 8 August, 6-9pm
WHERE: Goodspace Gallery
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Human non Human

Art, science and speculation converge in Human non Human, an exhibition that asks the questions: What makes us human? How might humans adapt in the future? Addressing four fundamental aspects of human experience: Food, Work, Sex and Belief, Human non Human responds to the impact of accelerating technology, connectivity and a rapidly changing environment.

WHAT: Exhibition
WHEN: Tuesday 7 August – Sunday 19 August
WHERE: Powerhouse Museum
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Show Synthesize Collective Launch

Show Synthesize is a Sydney based, emerging artist collective, which fosters creative and trans-diciplinary projects and exhibitions. The aim of the collective is to establish a network of artists of different mediums and backgrounds to share innovative concepts and create experimental work.

WHAT: Show Synthesize Collective Launch
WHEN: 6-12pm
WHERE: Down|Under Space / Freda’s Bar
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here

Thursday 9th August

Three New Publications

Three new publications are launching at Artspace! Tess Maunder’s ‘Absolute Humidity’, Helen Johnson’s ‘Warm Ties’ and Alex Martinis Roe’s To Become Two’: Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice’. There will be an informal discussion at the event, so come with ideas, questions and thoughts!

WHAT: Publication Launch
WHEN: Thursday 9 August, 5-6pm
WHERE: Artspace
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Mining Value: Art and the Extraction of Resources

Why should we talk about Art and Mining? This conference will bring together papers from a variety of periods and cultures that explore how artists and artworks depend on mining and abstraction for their very materials, how artists add value to their material resources, and how artists envisage and imagine mines and extraction sites.

WHAT: Conference
WHEN: Thursday 9 August – Friday 10 August, 9:30am – 5pm
WHERE: The Sibyl Centre, The Women’s College, University of Sydney
HOW MUCH: FREE (with RSVP), more details here

Friday 10th August

Social Disorder and High Grade minimalist aesthetics

This exhibition gathers together Jesse Hogan, Gatorbeug, Functional Sculpture and Jono Nelson for a night of exhibiting, ‘skateboarding on sculptures’ and ‘clay working on clay wheels’. Decend into the Kings Cross Carpark to find Alaska Projects and discover the works of these artists.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Friday 10 August, 5-8pm
WHERE: Alaska Projects, Kings Cross Carpark
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Rate of Change

Rate of Change is a survey of Australian artists whose practices employ the gradient. That’s right, you can expect a lot of aesthetically pleasing gradually changing colours in this exhibition. Including works by Matthew Allen, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Nancy Constandelia, Will Cooke, Danica Firulovic, Adrian Hobbs, Daniel Hollier, Sean Meilak, Jonny Niesche and Oliver Wagner. Feast your eyes and head along!

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Friday 10 August, 6-8pm
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Saturday 11th August

Found by Laura

Ever written a naughty shopping list and lost it? Well chances are Laura has found it. Venture up to Kinokuniya and see if she has found and exhibited anything of yours!

WHAT: Exhibition
WHEN: Thursday 9 August – Monday 20 August
WHERE: Kinokuniya
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

Botany Undressed

Join Artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso as she explores floral anatomy, and weaves together themes of scientific method, history, and the similarities of artistic and scientific observation. Participants have the opportunity to feel, smell, dissect and work with flowers using microscopes, magnifying glasses and other tools and materials to observe, explore and investigate flowers. Learn about the hidden floral structures and learn about their underlying function and evolution.

WHAT: Workshop
WHEN: Saturday 11 August, 2-4:30pm
WHERE: Powerhouse Museum
HOW MUCH: $26 – $35, more details here

Sunday 12th August

Nude Fluidity

The first solo show of British-Australian artist Saffron Maxwell-Milne, displaying works from her nude portraiture series “Free The Nude” and photography and abstract portraiture series “Fluid Bodies”. These photos were derived into an abstract portraiture series, aiming to push back on the dictated gender roles of society, and show people as individual beings, rather than stereotypes of their gender.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Sunday 12 August, 2-6pm
WHERE: Farr Side Gallery
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

60s Fair

Don your best Beehive, wear a mini skirt, culottes, go-go boots and a box-shaped PVC dress… Hazelhurst Arts Centre is holding it’s first 60s Fair Fest! You’ll be transported back to the 1960s for the day. There’ll be authentic 60s vintage wears including clothing, knitwear and jewellery, there’ll be classics from the 60s with Endless Summer Beach Party, go go dancing and a classic car display.

WHAT: Fair
WHEN: Sunday 12 August, 10am-4pm
WHERE: Hazelhurst Arts Centre
HOW MUCH: FREE, more details here

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