Chilled and skilled – The Lulu Raes talk success and perform ‘Never Leave’ live on Up For It

September 16th 2016


  • The Lulu Raes :: Never Leave (Live)
  • The Lulu Raes :: Interview with Lucy Smith

Chilled and skilled – this was the mantra repeated by The Lulu Raes when chatting with Lucy Smith. It’s a simple belief from an anything but simple band, and it’s proving to be The Lulu Raes’ key to success. Performing a live rendition of their track titled ‘Never Leave,’ the band asserted themselves as an act worthy of attention.

From the latest EP titled All Our Parents Are Divorced, their latest song really showcases The Lulu Raes’ potential. Throughout the interview, the band thanked those who helped them in their early days.

On Little Bastard: “We’re close mates and they’re the reason we got our first gig and that’s how our manager met us. We played the Bright-side with them.”

Currently touring across the nation, The Lulu Raes show no sign of slowing down. Talking about their success so far, the boys acknowledge the importance of maintaining and developing connections.

“Just be friends with Sticky Fingers [laughs]… get those connections out there. Nah, but it’s really tricky because there’s so many bands out there, but none of them get noticed. You have to join a bit of a community. A lot of bands, they get together and you get to know other bands and then you meet new people – sort of like a cascading effect.”

“You’ve just gotta get out there, you can’t spend all your time in your room.”

When seeing what’s coming up within their live shows, The Lulu Raes, have a few new songs to share.

“We’re doing five new songs…we’re doing songs from the upcoming album and it sounds way more dynamic.”

You can check out the Lulu Raes live track and full interview above.


All Our Parents Are Divorced is out now.



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