Bec Sandridge is Not A F**king Joke – On Glasgow, Blues and the Benefits of Busking

August 30th 2016


  • Bec Sandridge :: Interview with Alex Pye
  • Bec Sandridge :: In The Fog, In The Flame

Bec Sandridge is as real as it gets, with a sincerity and soul that’s often hard to come by. Buzzing between Sydney and Glasgow, Alex Pye caught the singer-songwriter for a chat while she was in our hemisphere to launch her new single. Live in the studio, she busted out a fiery acoustic version of ‘In The Fog, In The Flame’.

Discussing her path, it’s clear that Sandridge has had an interesting start to her career.

“I was playing in a really awful blues and roots band – I was playing guitar. I was too scared to sing outside of the shower,” she explains. “The singer was going overseas for six months and our booking agent just gave us a support slot with Andy Bull. Then he was like, ‘I heard you sing…'”

“I went away and wrote three songs, played probably three awful covers, jetted over to Glasgow [and] played in front of strangers,” she says.

With controversy caused by the title of her latest single, Sandridge discusses the naming of ‘You’re a Fucking Joke.’

“A lot of people are like, ‘don’t do it!’ – and I’m pretty stubborn, so part of me was like, that means I probably should do it. My Pentecostal Christian mum was like, ‘my daughter, what has she done?’ She’s bringing her bible study to the Wollongong show, it’s gonna be cute. [laughs]”

With a steadily growing career, Sandridge still has a soft spot for busking.

“With busking, people either decide to stop and listen and take a bit of time to listen to music… or they can spit at you or steal your money or do whatever you want. So it’s a kind of an unconventional way of putting your music our there.”

“In a venue, people are paying to see you, it’s a bit of pressure,” she says.

Set to support Montaigne, it’s clear that Bec Sandridge is not planning on slowing down any time soon.

“I’m jumping on Montaigne’s tour… then after that we’ve got Big Sound, Festival Of The Sun and a couple of other festivals – and hopefully some sort of album,” she says.

Listen to her live track and the full interview above.


Bec Sandridge on tour:

WHAT: Yours & Owls Festival
WHERE: Stuart Park, North Wollongong
WHEN: October 1-2 
HOW MUCH: $90-$169 via moshtix

WHAT: Montaigne, Bec Sandridge, Woodes
WHERE: Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst
WHEN: Wednesday 5 October
HOW MUCH: $20 + BF via moshtix


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