Independent Artist of the Week: SAMATAR

Canberra-based artist SAMATAR talks with Kate Saap about the self-reflection that sparked his EP, collaborating on a short film, and more.

Independent Artist of the Week: Hubcaps

Three years in the making, Hubcaps’ debute record is a distinctive flavour of ambient pop, awash with droning synthesiser and layered vocals spinning out deeply confessional poetry. She joined Jenna Parker on Lunch to tell us all about it.

Independent Artist of the Week: Miss Kaninna

Miss Kaninna joined Bri Kennedy on Arvos to chat about her latest single and tease a new EP.

Independent Artist of the Week: Nikodimos

FBi Radio’s Independent Artist of the Week Nikodimos talks the mental health journey behind his new album, the similarities between comedy and music, and more on Up For It! with Kate Saap.

Independent Artist of the Week: AnSo

AnSo’s newest single “ANSOIE” is an expression of being torn between cultures. They joined Dyan Tai and Emily Elvish on Kings and Queens on Up For It! to chat all about it.

Independent Artist of the Week: Nervous Tension

Nervous Tension already sound native to the remerging Melbourne punk and noise scene. Vocalist El and bassist Krishan dropped by the studio on Mornings with Sam Lane.

Independent Artists of the Week: Doss & Nino Pa ‘Piu

The ease in which Doss and Nino Pa’ Piu are able to weave bars in and around each other on their latest project II Piece 2 makes a lot of sense when you realise the two are brothers. They joined Tommy Codling on Arvos as FBi Radio’s Independent Artists of the Week.

Independent Artist of the Week: EKO ATARI

Chatting to Luke Joseph on The Bridge, the Sydney/Eora artist talks her fantasy RPG influences, the origins of the Pluggnb genre and her new single ‘realm change (under ur helm)’.

Independent Artist of the Week: Salllvage

Salllvage caught up with John Troughton on Up For It! to discuss the influences that have carried him through his artistic career, from Guy Ruin to Salllvage and beyond.

Independent Artist of the Week: Jazz NOBODI

Jazz NOBODI is busy. Busy with his own solo work, dropping an EP earlier this month; busy with Planet Vegeta, the group which began in 2018 with SVNO, Look Good and himself, and who are in the midst of recording a tape; and busy with 92Wrld, the umbrella collective which branches off into all manner of divergent lanes. And that’s not even all of it.