Independent Artist of the Week: Nervous Tension

Nervous Tension already sound native to the remerging Melbourne punk and noise scene. Vocalist El and bassist Krishan dropped by the studio on Mornings with Sam Lane.

WATCH: Georgia Mulligan performs ‘Omissions’ on Mornings

Singer/songwriter Georgia Mulligan swung by the studio for Mornings with Ben Hansen to give us a stunning live performance. She also treated us to a sneak peek of another track from her new album!

WATCH: Angie McMahon performs ‘Letting Go’ live on Mornings

Melbourne singer/songwriter Angie McMahon’s new single ‘Letting Go’ is a big-hearted rock song about embracing the lessons that can come from making mistakes. Through both its lyrics and soaring crescendos, the song feels like a big release. And maybe also a warm embrace. All at once.

A photo of artist Ainsley Farrell standing outside in the sunlight. She has an orange-red dress on and her hair is in pigtails.

After 6 years, Ainsley Farrell is back with her sophomore album Dirt

Sam Lane sits down with California-born, Eora-based musician Ainsley Farrell to talk through the process behind her new album Dirt, a record which examines feelings of loss, existentialism and anger through a sonic palette of brooding indie rock.

CLAMM chat 21st century living, catharsis, and punk on Mornings

CLAMM’s music looks to the screaming void and screams right back, a writhing and heavy protest against the injustice of the world. Through it they hope to bring catharsis, creativity, and community. CLAMM’s guitarist and vocalist Jack Summers joined Hannah Rose on Mornings.

Nia Archives is pushing Jungle to a new level

Nia Archives is constantly changing it up, rounding out her portfolio of sounds with the release of every one of her EPs since she broke onto the scene in 2021. Fresh off the release of her third, Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall, Nia dropped by the station for a chat on Arvos with Bri Kennedy.

“You’ve got to keep fanning the flames” BRACT x BAYANG on REDBRICKGOTHIK and finding hope in Sydney’s concrete sprawl

BAYANG (tha bushranger) and Josh from Bract joined Lindsay Riley on Friday Mornings to chat about their new collaborative record ‘REDBRICKGOTHIK’.

“It’s designed to be heard, at maximum volume.” Armand Hammer speaks on their latest release on Mornings

New York hip hop duo Armand Hammer are currently touring Australia for the very first time. Both billy woods and ELUCID caught up with Lindsay Riley on Friday Mornings for a wide-ranging chat about their latest record ‘Haram’, and what they hope people take out of their music.

Shame are beginning a new chapter with ‘Food For Worms’

Shame’s guitarist Sean Coyle-Smith sat down with Lindsay Riley on Friday mornings to talk about the South London band’s fast approaching third album ‘Food For Worms’. The record is set to be a departure from Shame’s past work both sonically and thematically.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Dr Charla Hathaway on personal pleasure, performance activism, and becoming a sex worker in her 50s

Dr Charla Hathaway entered the world of sex work at age 54. Two decades later she’s a PhD clinical sexologist, certified sexological bodyworker, surrogate partner therapist, and the author of two books on eroticism. She joined Tanya Koens and Maia Bilyk for Let’s Talk About Sex on Mornings.