Black Gold: Mantra Collective’s vinyl classics

September 10th 2015

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“Play this gem at the right time and you should expect some structural damage to the venue.”

Wax addicts Mantra Collective are back to share their rabid love of the old-fashioned with a new edition of their all-night all-vinyl party “Black Gold”. Following up on last month’s event with James Cripps and B&H Smooth, the Mantra team will be gathering in force this Saturday at the Civic Underground to spin their favourite tunes on their Allen & Heath V6 Rotary mixer.

These six underground experts have shared their top picks for the night with us ahead of schedule, so get prepared…


Hardrive — Deep Inside [Strictly Rhythm – 1993]

Chosen by Aboutjack:

Nothing quite says ‘classic’ like Hardrive’s Deep Inside.

An absolute timeless weapon. Play this gem at the right time you should expect some structural damage to the venue and possibly some shoulders coming out of their sockets! “we neeeeeeeed your looooooove” <3


Losoul — Open Door [Playhouse – 1996]

Chosen by Whitecat:

Wow, what a record! To think that this record came out in 1996 blows my mind — it’s way ahead of the curve. Absolutely perfect deep, driving, groovy tech house. A proper peak-time dance-floor destroyer, in my opinion.


Pépé Braddock — Deep Burnt [Kif Recordings – 1999]

Chosen by Space Junk:

This track for me ticks all the boxes and is a record I truly cherish. It’s one of those seminal classics from France that has gone on to influence countless music for over a decade and a half and is still relevant today.

Deep Burnt is special because it manages to find this unique balance of melody and groove by utilising and repeating a mesmerising string hook with opening and closing filters together with some amazing percussive work. Oh, and that haunting yet beautiful breakdown in the middle… sweet jesus!! I was lucky enough to have this rare record gifted to me by good friend Daniel George when I travelled to Berlin so besides being a boss track, it has real sentimental value.


Soul Capsule — Lady Science (NYC Sunrise) [Trelik – 1999]

Chosen by Venda:

Rather than have me ramble on about how very beautiful this track is, I thought I’d let the YouTube comments do the talking —

“As a man, this is one of the few things that make me want to cry.”
“It feels like falling in love every time I hear this song…”
And lastly: “Can I get a 320kbps DL or higher?”

Well… there you have it. It goes for about $50 on discogs, but if you get in quick, there’s currently a repress available!


Jump Cutz — Deep Introspection [Luxury Service – 1995]

Chosen by Jossy:

Other than being a brilliant and timeless deep house record that all the hyperbole in the world can’t adequately describe, I think this track has so much significance for me because I was introduced to it by someone else (big shout out to my man Richie Johnson here!). I realise that might sound counter-intuitive for people who place a lot of emphasis on finding ‘their’ own much lusted-after new addition to the collection!

At the same time, I think it’s important to maintain some perspective in the sense that someone, somewhere, has heard it before you. It was created by someone else for the improvement of the collective art base and the best thing to do with incredible music like this isn’t to hold it close to your chest, protected and hidden away, but to experience and enjoy it with others. Music like this forms bonds that words can’t truly quantify.


Ellis D — Just Like a Queen (Share the Throne Mix) [XL Recordings 1999]

Chosen by Grand Jéte:

I had to pick this record as it is literally the 1st record I ever bought. I love the groove and the energy of this track. Also, you can hear the sample Marky Mark used for “Good Vibrations”.



WHO :: Aboutjack b2b Venda/ Whitecat b2b Jossy/ Space Junk b2b Grand Jéte
WHAT :: Mantra Collective Presents “Black Gold” – An All Night Vinyl Affair
WHERE :: Civic Underground, 388 Pitt St, City
WHEN :: Saturday 12th September, 10:00PM – LATE
HOW MUCH :: $15 + $1.50 bf — tickets here.





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