Peter Hollo

Peter has presented Utility Fog on FBi since the station’s inception, with a special interest in music that straddles genres and worlds.
He plays cello in Tangents and FourPlay String Quartet, records solo music as raven, and tweets as frogworth.

Circuit des Yeux interview: Haley Fohr talks experimental expression & her baritone voice

Hayley Fohr, aka Circuit des Yeux, speaks to Peter Hollo on Utility Fog about her ever-deepening baritone vocals and what we can expect from her intimate Sydney Festival show.

In Retrospect: Four Tet’s ‘Rounds’

Ten years since the release of Four Tet’s ‘Rounds’, FBi presenters Peter Hollo and Lexy Savvides reflect on what the album meant and still means to them.