Kyle Fensom

PREMIERE: Boler Mani overcomes with mental health banger ‘Miss Anxiety’

With ‘Miss Anxiety’, 17 year-old rapper/producer Boler Mani speaks directly to his demons and in the process spawns a therapeutic sub-species of banger. 

Video Premiere: The epicness of Harley Mavis’ ‘Magnolia’

The Sydney singer-songwriter resists the seduction of easy epicness on her stunning single ‘Magnolia’ and we got first look at its shiny new vid.

Charli XCX goes all in on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis

Following her sold-out sideshow at the Metro Theatre, Charli stopped by Arvos with Darren Lesaguis for FBi’s most Millennial™ interview ever.

Grime on the sails: Skepta takes the Opera House underground

Less of a performance, and more of a coup – Skepta storms the Opera House setting a new high-grime mark for the genre in Aus.

For The Record: Jen Cloher the woman on Jen Cloher the album

Self-titled albums are normally the reserve of career-defining, statement-of-artistic-intent, capital-M Major works. Jen Cloher is no exception.