Katie Winten

FemFlix interview: Forgotten films capture the unique voice of 90s feminism in Australia

We chat with the curators of Femflix, an exhibition that captures the wealth of powerful, irreverent and hilarious films & animations by Australian feminists in the 90s.

The Hanging: Displacement Activities & The Leftovers at Verge Gallery

It’s not every day that a gallery curator is bequeathed with an exhibiting artist’s entire legal estate.

Art We Heart: 110%

A hive mind comprised of Beth Dillon, Lachlan Herd and Kieran Bryant, 110% is an artist collective working mainly in performance and video, exploring how the tropes of motivational culture are translated to the career trajectories of artists in the twenty-first century.

The Hanging: Bongs and Commodores at ALASKA Projects

I Am, You Are, But I Am A Bit More Than You Are.

The Hanging: Shimmer Shellwork

Enter the intricate world of shell art and its place in Indigenous tradition with this exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery.

The Hanging: Video oediV

If you can dedicate ten hours to ‘Making a Murderer’, you can definitely spend some time with one of contemporary art’s most exciting and evolving mediums.

The Hanging: Splitting Sides

Six young artists from diverse backgrounds explore the experience of daily life in ‘multicultural’ Australia – which often means an ongoing battle with cultural, social and political identity.