Heidi Pett

Will we see pill testing at festivals this year?

Will Tregoning from UnHarm talks to Backchat about his plan to introduce pill testing at Australian festivals and the response from the NSW government.

Backchat Program Special: Young Women and Domestic Violence

Research suggests that women aged 18 to 24 are twice as likely to be experiencing domestic violence as their older peers.

We finally get to see what’s in the biggest trade agreement we’ve ever signed

The full text of the TPP was finally released Thursday night, all 6000 pages.

Backchat Program Special: Legislating Sex Work with guest host Tilly Lawless

Few industries are as controversial and polarising as the sex industry. Some women view it as empowering, and others as inherently exploitative.

The Karen of Nhill: a $40 million success story for refugee resettlement

In the last five years, the regional Victorian town of Nhill has taken in 160 Karen refugees from Burma. It’s worked out great.

Sexual Violence Won’t Be Silenced launches campaign

Paloma Brierley Newton is part of a new collective fighting for online harassment to be taken more seriously by police.

Backchat Program Special: Are Cops Tops?

An episode full of stories and interviews about people’s relationship with police.

There’s a town in Tasmania that hasn’t had safe drinking water for 6 years

Gretna is just an hour out of Hobart, and is one of 26 communities in Tasmania where residents can’t drink the water.