Gabby Chantiri

Review: Le Dernier Appel (The Last Cry)

An Australian-New Caledonian dance collaboration, Le Dernier Appel (The Last Cry) is a visceral, physical reckoning with the continuing effects of colonialism.

The Hanging: The Last Resort, Kaldor Public Art Projects

A site of early contact between colonists and Indigenous Australians, Observatory Hill reverberates with ideas of history, land and culture for Anri Sala’s ‘The Last Resort’.

The Hanging: Balik Bayan at Blacktown Arts Centre

Balik Bayan is a group exhibition at Blacktown Arts Centre celebrating contemporary Filipino arts and culture. Each artist draws on their personal history and culture to create works that straddle Filipino ethnicity and their Australian nationality.

The Hanging: Synthetic, Australian Centre for Photography

Let science fiction push the limits of your imagination at the Australian Centre for Photography’s latest exhibition.

The Hanging: Looking at Me Through You

Don’t miss Campbelltown Arts Centre’s complex, compelling new exhibition; a letter to Campbelltown from some of Sydney’s most interesting young artists.

The Hanging: Shadows are cast by things and people

Putting together the pieces at the Australian Centre for Photography’s latest exhibition.

The Hanging: Nicola Smith, ‘A Whole Night’

Smith’s series of oil paintings pays homage to an avant-garde romance on celluloid.

Culture Guide March 27 – 2: French film festival, dystopic drive-ins and new Australian theatre

Your weekly cheat sheet for the best events in Sydney, curated by FBi.

The Hanging: Vernon Ah Kee, Not An Animal Or A Plant

In this powerful exhibit, Vernon Ah Kee forces us to confront head-on the politics, ideologies and history of race in Australia.

The Hanging: Before the Rain at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

See the newest exhibition at Haymarket’s 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, remembering 2014’s Umbrella Revolution and confronting the uncertain future of Hong Kong.