Antwerpen on :: The Biennale of Sydney

April 23rd 2014

When she’s not pondering things, writing lists or eating cake, local artist Antwerpen likes to wander around Sydney and turn her thoughts into pictures. Lucky for us, she’s sharing them with The Flog. 



Antwerpen 2

Antwerpen 3

Antwerpen 4

antwerpen 5

Antwerpen 6

Antwerpen 7

Antwerpen 8

antwerpen 9

Antwerpen 10

Antwerpen 11

Antwerpen 12

Antwerpen 13

Antwerpen 14

Antwerpen 15

Antwerpen 16

Antwerpen 17

Antwerpen 18

antwerpen 19

Antwerpen 20

antwerpen 21

Antwerpen 22

The Biennale of Sydney is running until 9 June at the MCA, Carriageworks, Cockatoo Island, Art Space and AGNSW. It’s free. Check it out. 

And if you want a piece of Antwerpen to call your own, grab one of her gift cards from the MCA store. 


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