2016’s Best Australian Dance Music – Mix by Sandro Dallarmi

January 6th 2017


Photo by Voena  

With 2016 now disappearing in the rear-view, it’s time to turn our eyes and ears to the future.

While you’re wrapping your head around this “twenty seventeen” business, crank the volume on two hours of the finest local dance music from the past twelve months. This one ain’t about looking back – it’s a little crystal ball into the future.

Sandro Dallarmi put together this genre-spanning mix for the new year’s eve edition of Switch, his Saturday night show on FBi. As the brains behind FBi Click, our digital station dedicated to the best new club sounds from Sydney and around the world, you’re in pretty safe hands. Packed with Sydney legends (Dro Carey, Basenji, Swick, Moonbase Commander and Nina Las Vegas just to name a few) plus big new names from around the country, it’s your best introduction to the new guard of Australian dance music.

On a local level, this is a zeitgeist of the year that was. But for many who are yet to meet the Aussie talent featured on this mix, it’s a taste of big things to come. Pay attention to these names!




Basenji – Chroma
Roland Tings – Eyes Closed
Hi Life – When I Get 2 The Club
Swick – Energy (feat. Henrik The Artist)
Collarbones – The Cut
V Kim – Gold Chains (feat. Divoli S’vere)
Pelvis – Dance Freak Anthem
Mall Grab – Kalumbo
Tkay Maidza – Always Been
Dro Carey – Elevate (feat. Cadell & Chocolate)
Moonbase Commander – Greyhound
Ruins – Gradient
What So Not – Divide & Conquer
Zeke Beats – Meltdown
HWLS – Gamma (w/ ShockOne)
Melt Unit – You Can Have This (feat. Simo Soo & Zsa Zsa LaFine)
Herzeloyde – Oh (No)
Rattraps – Swan Dive
Corin – Vexations
Tyler Touché – Feel That You’re Real
Young Franco – Drop Your Love
GoldLink – Dark Skin Women (Cosmo’s Midnight & Swindail Remix)
The Avalanches – Subways
Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda – Bravado
Prequel – Saints (feat. Cazeaux O.S.L.O)
Sampology – Thicker Than Water (feat. Tiana Khasi)
Christopher Port – Before (feat. Airling)
Null – Static
Jikuroux – Ruptured Pulse
Slim Set – Imports (feat. Kimchi Princi)
Air Max ’97 – Face Up
BV – 135 Doing It
Friendships – When I Feel Like Killing, I Murder
Denzel Sterling – Rev (w/ Amy Axegale feat. Moistbreezy)
Manu Crooks – Assumptions
Swell – Forgive Me
Strict Face – Murderer (feat. K-Major)
Flume – Numb & Getting Colder (feat. Kučka)
Nina Las Vegas – Ezy
Lewis Cancut – Say Ok (feat. Tigarah)


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