15 years of Kato – The Soundtrack, The Experience

June 28th 2022

The GFC ended shortly after Kato began hosting Sunset on FBi Radio. Make what you will of that. All we’ll say is Kato’s ushered in some very big moments during a very big tenure on our airwaves – 15 years to be exact. He’s soundtracked a whole lotta hours during this time, making a contribution to the station bigger than we can accurately describe.
So Kato’s helped to describe it through yet another soundtrack: looking at the songs that played during some of the special moments he’s had here. He’ll take you through Sunset a final time this Thursday, but before you listen to that, listen to the tracks that defined the show over the past 15 years.

L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team Remix)

I feel like this song really encapsulates the vibe of the show when Anna Lunoe and I first started – the sound of what we were playing was moving away from the indie electro and more into raw African rhythms and UK funky house and friend of the show and multiple time guest Teki Latex really summed up the feelings of that time in his vocals on this one.

Rustie – Hover Traps

One sound we didn’t get to cover so much in the final recap shows was all the Rustie and Hud mo dubstep adjacent stuff. This was a really exciting sound in the early 2010s and Hover Traps in particular evolves a melody from Seinfeld bass into an epic trancey meltdown – pretty bananas, I think this got a lot of play towards the end of Anna Lunoe’s tenure on the show and into the Bad Ezzy years.

Four Tet – Evening

Long songs deserve radio love too and f*ck radio edits, Bad Ezzy and I played this 20 min beauty on the show in full once and it resulted in one of the best text line messages ever (image attached).

Mick – Macho Brother

This perennial fave I came across during the transition between the Bad Ezzy years and the Ben Fester / Mira Boru arrival and it’s good old fashioned cynical tounge in cheek disco fun from a mysterious Japanese Mick.

Kong Oscar – Hypnoserenade

Another long one / Blade Runner Face Melter, sometimes I wish the show went for 4 hours so I could fit more of these epics (especially coming up to my last one) this is a beautiful piece of trippy intergalactic house from the Sex Tags crew who’s music I’ll credit Ben Fester for introducing me too and providing me with years of musical enjoyment

Jagwar Ma – Come And Save Me (Pachanga Boys Remix)

Two former guests of the show remixing each other for an epic swirly mind trip – also the video of it getting played at 2013 burning man is a bonus LOL.

Theo Parrish live on FBi Sunset with Kato and Bad Ezzy

Ok not a song per se but if I could replay this I would. To be in the room while Theo threw down this mix is one of the most fortunate experiences of my life witnessing an absolute master at work

  • Theo Parrish Mix :: Sunset with Kato and Bad Ezzy

Nite Fleit ft Jensen Interceptor – Effe Bee Eye

2 former guests and mad local talents who went on to do some great things all over the world made an electro breakbeat banger that I’d like to think has a name somewhat influenced by this very station.

Love this selection on songs? Tune in to Sunset on FBi Radio this Thursday to hear Kato’s picks one last time.
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