Your Say :: City of Sydney Night-time Policy

May 10th 2011


Here at FBi we love the nightlife. We've got to boogie. On the disco round, oh yeah. Clover Moore feels us on this point. Action, she's got so much to give. She wants to give it. She wants to get some too.

To that end, Mayor CloMo and the City of Sydney have kicked off a massive consultation project to get Sydney's nightime economy right. Sydney residents are invited to partake, and share their thoughts on what our city should feel like after dark.

“There’s been a lot of discussion about Sydney late at night," the Lord boss lady said in a press release. The city is hoping to collaboratively plan infrastructure and services to maximise funs and commerce in the small hours. "“Many different groups of people want different things – clubbers want to be able to stay out late enjoying themselves in the latest venues, office workers want to be able to slip into a small bar after work, residents want to be feel safe and don’t want to be overtly disturbed at night by the city life. One thing we agree on is we all want Sydney to be a truly global city – one with fun and exciting things for people to see and do after dark while at the same time being safe.

“Our future nightlife could involve encouraging museums, cafes and art galleries as well as retail outlets to stay open later. Currently most cultural venues and cafes operate normal business hours and are not often open till late but things are slowly changing. Some pubs are now offering art exhibitions and cultural institutions are staying open later for special events. We need to foster this and encourage more choices. Our own Surry Hills Library is currently trialing late night openings and Australia Museum has just completed its overwhelmingly successful Jurassic Lounge."

The consultation process will result in a strategy that will unroll in 2012. For more information and to have your say, head to


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