Your guide to getting experimental at Liveworks 2016

October 28th 2016


Spirit Of Things, Stiff Gins, image courtesy of Performance Space and Alex Davies 


Fancy fondling plants with ‘finger condoms’? Want to be immersed in the sound of Indigenous stories? Feel like a good laugh over the awkwardness of the ‘birds and bees’ talk? Liveworks 2016 has all the weird and the wonderful in one place.

Liveworks is a festival of experimental art by Performance Space, running from 27 October – 6 November at Carriageworks. It brings together local and international artists for ten nights of live public art events.

We’ve put together a list of ‘must sees’ for the upcoming Liveworks season – with the help of Skye Kunstelj, Program Producer at Performance Space.


Spirit of Things: The Sound of Objects

Stiff Gins

This is going to be a really powerful show.

Nardi Simpson and Kaleena Briggs (who you might know from the Deadly-Award Winning Indigenous music duo, Stiff Gins) developed this show after spending time in various Australian museums and their Indigenous collection archives. The pair discovered hundreds of neglected cultural objects, separated from their country and cultural homes. Spirit of Things is a sonic response to these objects and the stories embedded within them, set to the backing of an incredible live band.



Faint Existence, Kristina Chan and Force Majeure, image courtesy of Lucy Parakhina 

A Faint Existence

Kristina Chan and Force Majeure

Kristina Chan is one of the best contemporary dancers working in Australia – watching her perform is electrifying! A Faint Existence is her first major solo work and is a response to the powerlessness, frustration and inaction that people feel in the face of climate change. There will also be a live electronic score performed by James Brown! (A different one to who you’re thinking of, but also very good).



The Talk, Mish Gregor, image courtesy of Jess Olivieri 

The Talk

Mish Grigor

The Talk is a new theatre work by artist Mish Grigor. You heard it here first: The Talk is going to be one of the funniest shows in the festival. It’s her account of talking about sex with her immediate family. It’s funny, awkward, embarrassing, loving… just like sex. Plus you might even get a glass of lukewarm Moet!



Ecosexual Bathhouse, Pony Express, image courtesy of Performance Space and Matt Sav 

Ecosexual Bathhouse

Pony Express

Who wouldn’t want to fondle plants while wearing finger condoms? This will be an epic-immersive-sexy show where you’re encouraged to have intimate erotic encounters with nature. It’s by Perth collective Pony Express, and will make you think about your relationship with the environment in a completely different way.



Mermermer, Nicola Gunn and Jo Lloyd, Image courtesy of Performance Space and Gregory Lorenzutti 


Jo Lloyd and Nicola Gunn

Nicola performed her show Piece for Person / Ghetto Blaster at Liveworks last year, and it was one of the most memorable shows of the festival. Since then, she’s spent a bunch of time with Marina Abramović and has created this new work with long-term collaborator Jo Lloyd. This show is going to be wild, frantic, absurd and hilarious.


For those that want even more brain stimulation, the festival also features a program of public workshops and conversations. Try Mish Grigor’s workshop Likeably Unlikeable, about devising performance for unlikeable protagonists. Plus, there’s an accessibility workshop for artists looking to make their performances more inclusive and accessible for diverse audiences.

Download the full Liveworks 2016 event guide here.


WHAT: Performance Space Presents Liveworks – A festival of experimental art
WHEN: 27 October – 6 November
WHERE: Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh
HOW MUCH: Prices vary – buy tickets here



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