Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest talks influences, evolution and keeping his options open

May 13th 2020


  • Will Toledo (Car Seat Headrest) :: Interview with Courtney Ammenhauser

Up For It’s Courtney Ammenhauser chatted to indie darling Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest & discussed the recording process, the evolution of the group’s sound, and the unexpectedly diverse influences on their new album, ‘Making a Door Less Open’.

The latest Car Seat Headrest album veers into new territory for the revered Seattle indie rockers, who explore ambient tones and draw from the electronic music landscape. Front man Will takes on a new persona, donning a mask and bridging Car Seat Headrest with his drummer Andrew’s musical projects.

“That Project is called 1 Trait Danger and it’s more in the EDM world… It seemed like a good place to explore a new character, a different energy. We were working on Car Seat Stuff and would go back and forth between the two. We ended up with a Car Seat record that also had this element of the 1 Trait Danger side project to it”.

Will discussed the process of building ‘Making a Door Less Open’, a journey which came about over the last four years.

“I just slowly started putting stuff together, little demos and bits of sounds that I thought were interesting or didn’t fit in with previous records… [The album] got recorded a lot of different times, I like having a lot of different options…The process of finishing the record was threading these different elements together, stuff we did in the studio and stuff I’ve made on the computer”.

Check out the full interview up top to discover how Car Seat Headrest’s influences have evolved from the ‘Teens of Denial’ era, as well as life in self-isolation and the meaning of their track ‘Hollywood’.

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