Why you need to see Blank Realm at Sydney Festival

January 20th 2015


Close your eyes. Block out your busy schedule. Think about your happiest moments. And then decide to buy a ticket to Blank Realm’s upcoming show this weekend.

As part of Sydney Festival, Brisbane’s Blank Realm will be sojourning to Sydney and playing a lil’ midnight specialty on the 24th of January. When the rest of the city will be buzzing in a midst of R. Kelly, spilled drinks and awkward grinding, you can enjoy one of THE finest Australian bands playing a show that will threaten to break the logical limits of enjoyment.

Surely, that’s hyperbole?

Not at all. If anything, that’s restraint.

Consider all the factors at play. Firstly, the venue – The Aurora Spiegeltent – is a cocoon of sound, nestled in Hyde Park, a warm and embracing circus-by-day, madhouse-by-night. As a fanatical light show booms, a striped tent roof ripples and brilliant acoustics tingle, music doesn’t even have to be playing for one to fall in love with the venue.

Secondly, the music of Blank Realm is unlike anything you’ve heard this century. Their most recent work, 2014’s Grassed Inn is a modern masterpiece, awarded the FBi Album of the Week, and praised by the likes of Pitchfork, The Guardian and Mess + Noise.

Kitschy pop strides alongside drippy psych tendencies, whilst the voice of Daniel Spencer defies comparison.

At points, Blank Realm can be calming, serene, schizophrenic and glamorous, flicking between each with ease and delight.

Finally, Blank Realm are a fantastic live act. They swoon and contort, as much in love of their own music as anyone who has had the pleasure of catching them in the flesh. They’re a band unlike any other, interjecting keytar solos into swathes of brilliant, fluorescent washes of pop. The band come alive, and allow their music to soothe the soul like the best acupuncture you’ve never had.

For one night only, Blank Realm will delight Sydney audiences, sprinkling genius on an adoring crowd that you need to be a part of.



WHAT :: Blank Realm at Sydney Festival
WHEN :: Saturday 24 January 2015, 11:59pm
WHERE :: The Aurora in the Festival Village, Hyde Park
TICKETS :: $20 – get em here


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