Welcome Stranger: WS010

March 25th 2011


It seems no matter which incarnation of Welcome Stranger you’re talking about, it’s pure gold. Entering the search term ‘welcome stranger’, I was hoping to grab some more info on the fashion/art/general aesthetic treats collective Welcome Stranger, who are presenting a retrospective of their designs and works at Lo-Fi tonight, WS010.


What I got was a wiki describing the largest piece of gold ever discovered, weighing in at a whopping sixty-five odd kilos. The name seems apt – the Welcome Stranger team churn out tees, zines, and all things easy on the eye that are definitely worth their weight in gold.


For a replica of the original Welcome Stranger, head south to Melbourne’s City Museum. For a largely more tempting peek at the very original Welcome Stranger range, with the equally tempting bonus of a live performance installation from the Midnight Juggernaught’s Siberia Records, head down to Lo-Fi Collective tonight. After all, it is Friday, and we all know what happens on Friday.


Where: Lo-Fi Collective, Lv 3 383 Bourke St, Darlinghurst
When: Fri Mar 25, 6pm-9pm
How much: Free (Yes, free!)


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