Watch:: The Growl’s Cam Avery ‘In The Belly of the Beast’/’John The Revelator’ live on FBi

April 29th 2013

Mink Mussel Creek, Space Lime Peacock, Pond…

…are these sounding more like captcha codes than band names? Are you dying for some lucidity in the cosmic swamp of Perth kids that form these groups? Well you can watch our interview with Cam Avery of The Growl as he plays us an original and covers the classic ‘John the Revelator’, and hopefully it will help clear the waters. Probably not though. Either way, it’s lovely, and even lovelier is the free download of ‘In The Belly of the Beast’ below!

  • Cameron Avery :: In The Belly Of The Beast (live on FBi)

Download to the whole interview here


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