Watch :: Tales In Space ‘In a Million Places at Once’

September 10th 2013

Tales in Space

There’s something electric happening in karaoke dens and dimly lit mahjong halls, and it’s happening in a million places at once…

The drums are getting heavy, the harmonies are sweet, and then the synth-keyboard solo busts through! All this must mean that Tales in Space have dropped their latest offering ‘In a Million Places at Once’.

‘In a Million Places at Once’ is the band’s follow-up to their hugely successful single ‘Shades’. Opening with a delightfully hummable, fuzzy guitar hook the track then soars with aspirational vocals…

“I could be electric,

anything I want,

when I’m switched on…”

The guys want you singing along to this one. Don’t believe me, check the clip:


The last Tales In Space video – ‘Starwars‘ – was nominated for Best On Screen at the 2013 SMAC Awards, so they had a bit of a reputation to uphold.

Tales In Space are hitting up Big Sound in Brisvegas this week, and are back in Sydney in October playing the Beach Road Hotel.

WHO :: Tales In Space

WHEN :: Saturday 5th October

WHERE :: Beach Road Hotel, Bondi

HOW MUCH :: Free!


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