Watch :: Spoonty ‘Crystal Party’

September 17th 2013


The man with the strange name and possible cutlery fetish, Spoonty, has released a pretty special video for his track ‘Crystal Party’. His brother William, A.K.A WAM, is behind the visual side of things, and he puts the track in a very unusual context.

‘Crystal Party’ is the third installment of this brotherly collaboration of dance music and videography. The fusion of Spoonty’s angelic production and WAM’s surreal visuals creates a beautiful and artistically stimulating piece, which is all heaps cooler considering they’re brothers.

The clip is set in a vibrant underwater world that splices nature with 90s PC aesthetics; an odd combination that demands your attention. I mean, at one point a cartoon woman emerges from a human head and shoots laser beams from her eyes. You will not be left wanting.


WHO: Kilter + Paces + Spoonty + Retiree
WHERE: FBi Social, Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel
WHEN: Friday 4th October, 8pm
HOW MUCH: $12 – buy now


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