Watch :: Sampology’s video for Major Lazer’s ‘Watch Out For This (Bumaye)’

March 15th 2013

Oh Sampology, what a kooky fella. With nothing but some cartoon trumpets and a heart full of rainbows, he’s managed to make the soundtrack from Rocky seem redundant. Editing footage from a boxing flick to suit a bonkers Major Lazer track is apparently no biggie for old Sampy. He’s done it before.

Doing some air punches Stallone? Nope, they’re now magically transformed into particularly enthusiastic attempts at scratching cartoon records.

Being chased by a large (possibly violent) group of children, Mr Boxer sir? Well that scene would not be complete without some latin percussion and a thumping kick would it? Consider it done.

The crowning glory of the clip comes when our hero is pushing through an intense skipping rope session, only to have the chests of two very attractive women (cartoon ones of course) placed directly behind his hands. It’s hard to tell whether they’re standing behind Rocky for moral support, or their baby feeders are being mercilessly beaten by the fighter’s fists of steel. They seem quite happy to hang out there though, so it’s all cool.

Ignore the above words and watch the video if you know what’s good for you. Also, those glorious trumpets were sampled from this tasty Puerto Rican-style tune. Give it a squizz too.


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