Watch Metronomy ‘I’m Aquarius’ live at FBi + Interview on Arvos

August 5th 2014

Metronomy 2014

The annual wake of Splendour in the Grass is felt by most of us:

Whether you were there and now you’re not (and you’re freakin’ sad about it) or you weren’t there and your facebook feed is flooded with “splendid” puns and photos of your mates in Byron (and you’re freakin’ sad about it).

This year, however, we came up with an antidote to the post-Splendour sads. We got Joseph Mount and Oscar Cash – half of UK indie-hero group Metronomy – to play a very special intimate performance in our front lobby, and invited a small group of lucky FBi supporters to enjoy it with us. Watch the very spellbound group take in “I’m Aquarius”, the lead single from Metronomy’s new record Love Letters:


We then invited the boys into the studio to chat to Amy Gibbs on Arvos about festivals (in and out of the grass), home towns, tourism and musical influences. Listen to the interview below:

  • Amy Gibbs on Arvos :: Metronomy Interview


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