Watch :: Little Bastard “Just Won’t Do” (live at Peats Ridge)

February 22nd 2013

Sydney’s resident punk yokels, Little Bastard played a couple of sets at Peats Ridge – a couple of sets being more than most acts got to play. Even then, our videographers spotted the only 15 minute main-stage gap in the entire weekend and, to fill the void, figured a little more Bastardry was in order.

The installation behind the band is ‘Screaming Rapture‘ by Frank Maguire. Light pours out the louder things get, with microphones on the artwork interpreting different sounds so the panels flutter in time with the beat of Little Bastard’s cajon box.

P.S. We have to apologise. If you came here to gaze dotingly upon Johnny Took‘s face, sucked in, ’cause he’s backlit and you can barely see it.

Suffer our artistic vision, you lusty wenches.

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