Watch :: Jerome LOL ‘Deleted’

February 6th 2014

Jerome LOL


Jerome LOL could essentially be an ambassador for the functions of an iMac. The Body High label owner and producer has just released an awesome cyber-sheik film clip for his track ‘Deleted’ featuring Sara Z, coinciding with the release of his solo EP.

The former member of LOL Boys has utilized the home screen of his laptop (I presume) to host a collective of images and videos that pop in and out of view, that are the make-up of this blissful tune. These temporary installments of the film clip give the viewer no real focal point, and only split seconds to gather an idea of what you are looking at, before they’re ‘Deleted’ and we move onto the next thing. Quite accurate of how we all surf the Internet come to think of it. Perhaps that’s the whole point?

Regardless, Jerome LOL is no stranger to this style of editing. Just a few years back he dropped a very similar video for the hugely popular track ‘Changes’, which saw a handful of fellow artists (including our own beloved Anna Lunoe) miming the chorus vocals, hidden within their own little iChat photobooth worlds.

As a song, ‘Deleted’ really mellows you out. The vocals from Sara Z are borderline euphoric and match Jerome’s production style flawlessly. A song for a long drive I’d suggest.





Jerome LOL’s EP ‘Deleted/Fool’ is out now on Friends of Friends.




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