Watch :: Jeremy Neale ‘Swing Left’

December 16th 2013


If you’re a fan of Jeremy Neale (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you be?) you’ll no doubt have grown accustomed to his particular brand of music videos.

From a kung fu knock off to a detective story with more storyline than A Good Day To Die Hard, every video is usually recorded on a budget camera and edited with the same quality a high school musical might receive from an epileptic Mr Magoo.

Unfortunately, you’ll find no such trademarks in his video for his latest single, ‘Swing Left’. Instead you’ll find quality shots, smoke and lighting effects, and Jeremy Neale arm-wrestling mutants.

Surprisingly, Jeremy fights a grand total of zero people in this clip, a drastic reduction from the scores of baddies we’re used to seeing him lay slaughter to. Then again, Jeremy always said, “If I’m not fighting, I’m thinking about fighting, and if I’m not thinking about fighting, I’m fighting!

Sure, he may not be showcasing is incredible Shaq Fu skills here, but he is performing one hell of a song.


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