Watch: Flume ‘Some Minds’ feat. Andrew Wyatt and the Sydney Opera House

May 28th 2015


It’s been a long time coming, but today the world has been gifted a brand new original track by your boy Harley Streten, aka Flume. ‘Some Minds’, released on Pitchfork TV via an incredible video made in collaboration with Sydney Opera House, features lyrics and vocals by Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt. It’s a spacey and lush listen, building into a perfectly timed eruption of glitch and cascading synths.

Shot above, within and around the Opera House, the video features dance and choreography from Australian Ballet member Callum Linnane, plus a whole lot of Flume’s floating feet. Director Clemens Habicht (Tame Impala, Bloc Party, The Presets) was granted exclusive access to the iconic building for the shoot one night in April.

“It’s our love letter to Sydney” Flume said. Nawww.


The track comes just in time for Flume’s two sold-out headline shows for the 10 Years of Future Classic showcase this weekend.

If rad collaborations involving the big O take your fancy, check out the ‘Remix The House‘ project that also just dropped as part of this year’s Vivid LIVE. George Nicholas (Seekae and Cliques) spent a day recording sounds at the Opera House – everything from tour groups, piano tuning in the Joan Sutherland Theatre, the moving feet of the Australian Ballet in rehearsal, and the public lift.

Nicholas says of the project:

“I think the most interesting sounds ended up being those which were unintentionally recorded – the ones you listen back to later and don’t even remember recording. For one sound I think I accidentally left the recorder on while walking between rooms below the house and picked up a faint door slam, which when I normalised the volume sounded a bit like the earth splitting in two.”

His recordings have been remixed into three pieces of incredible production by Charles Murdoch, Victoria Kim, and naturally, Seekae. Listen below and read more via FACT.

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