Watch :: Cloud Control ‘Dojo Rising’ live premiere

June 14th 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Zajko and Michaela Morgan were lucky enough to have Cloud Control float into the studio for a chinwag and a sing-along. The Sydney band’s move to London in 2011 has changed them. They are now cave-dwelling Opera House headliners who think that beer and fairy floss flavoured ice cream sounds like a good idea.

Actually, that sounds incredible. Plus they’re making really pretty music, so we still like them lots.

Speaking of Cloud Control tunes, they played one for us. It’s called Dojo Rising and you’ll need to prepare your face for an intense 3 minutes of your mouth curving upwards. Just when you think your grin can’t get any bigger, the improvised Stormtrooper coffee mug percussion kicks in. Day made.


Cloud Control | Alessandro Dallarmi



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