Jane Fonda, Radio Bans, And Mouldy Old Tour Costumes: Watch Regurgitator’s Ben Ely On Arvos With Heidi Pett

November 16th 2012

1996. The Spice Girls release their debut song ‘Wannabe’, John Howard is sworn in as Australia’s 25th Prime Minister, after a law suit, the first season of Friends airs in Australia two years after its premiere in the U.S. (yes, really). Also, Regurgitator release their debut album, Tu Plang, which instantly rises to the top of the charts, and Alan Jones campaigns to have the song ‘I Sucked a Lot of Cocks to Get Where I Am’ removed from airplay (yes, really).

Recently the band toured the country, playing their first two albums Unit and Tu Plang in a massive back to back set. On FBi’s Arvos, Heidi Pett got a chance to sit down with bassist Ben Ely, discussing everything from the wearablility of old tour costumes that were sitting in a cardboard box underneath their manager’s house (still intact and didn’t smell too bad), to Jane Fonda workout videos of the 80s.


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