Watch :: Alex Cameron – ‘Gone South’

April 9th 2013

The music Alex Cameron creates as part of Seekae can push listeners away from themselves. When people aren’t being drawn up into the stratosphere by this music, they’re often being pushed into thin, subterranean crevices. Either way, it’s hard to breathe. By planting his feet on the ground for a while, Cameron’s new project escapes all of that and finds a bit more space.

The Mecca of Cameron’s change in artistic direction is the human voice, and the music that sits around it in ‘Gone South’ is suitably minimalist. Mclean Stevenson‘s accompanying video keeps things stripped back too, and what’s achieved is a strange kind of intimacy.


To get intimate with Alex Cameron for realsies, head to his show at Goodgod Small Club on Wednesday night. Be warned though, he’ll probably have several others sniffing around him already.

WHAT: Vice Presents The Spring Breakers Issue

WHO: Alex Cameron, Golden Blonde, Dave Miller DJ (PVT)

WHEN: Wednesday 10 April 

WHERE: Goodgod Small Club

HOW MUCH: Free when you RSVP here



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