Watch :: ABABCd #1: Alpine, Force & The Murlocs

June 12th 2013

Remember ‘Top of the Pops’, ‘Countdown’, even ‘Recovery”?

Me neither. Fortunately we now have ABABCd: a new video series boasting that cheesy talent show vibe, but with music that we actually want shoved in our faces…

ABABCd is the latest outing brought to us by the good people at Poncho. The Melbourne based media collective aim to deliver “unique, forward thinking content”, promising music and television for trendoids?!

The show presents new artists – falling “under the broad umbrella, alternative” – performing live to a studio audience at the Australian College of the Arts. Introducing the bands, host Nick Clarke does his best William Shatner, stoned in a lounge suit. The first episode features Alpine, Forces and the Murlocs interspersed with weird, Pythonesque cuts. The clips are moody and evocative; the bands are clearly into it, only metres from the crowd. Personal fave is Forces doing ‘Overland’ with strobe and what looks like New Order‘s camera filter…


ABABCd | Andrew Pople


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