View : Wagons does Dylan

February 1st 2012

Henry Wagons

Country music enthusiasts are the last people to deny the whole 'standing on the shoulders of giants' shebang when they pick up a gee-tar. Many wear their influences on their checked sleeve, with the face of Hank Williams peering out from many a bicep onstage. Melbourne's Henry Wagons trundled into the mindtanks of Australians by wailing his own gravelly ode to country legend Willie Nelson. The man with the enviable beard/glasses combo has been busy paying tribute to another great, Bob Dylan, with a brand new cover of his favourite Dylan track Positively 4th St.

Ahead of his SXSW appearance and Nashville residency in March, Wagons was personally asked by American Songwriter Magazine to have a hand in their upcoming Bob Dylan special edition, a task he took up with gusto, even if the likes of country music monarch Lucinda Williams had already beat him to the cover punch in previous years.

Writing on his favourite Dylan ditty in ASM, Wagons mused, "Positively 4th St is one of the best mental disintegrations in history. Bob Dylan is known for articulating moments, movements and emotions in such a powerful way. This song is no exception. It's THE best hate and exasperation song ever."

The ever crowd-pleasing Wagons made a vid to accompany the cover, starring his very own dogs. (Spolier: One's a pug who gets shunned, the other may explode). Check it out below:


Digging on hearing new artists cover their forebearers? Listen to Stu Coup's Tune Up on Tuesdays 12-1pm, he's got you covered.


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