View :: Tales In Space ‘Starwars’

June 26th 2012

Remember Flubber? How about Gumby? That whacked-out little ice prince, Pingu?

Aside from making my childhood a whole-heartedly more enjoyable experience, these dudes all have a few things in common: they’re all gooey. And they all rule. CONCLUSION: Goo rules.

I can only imagine this was the line of thought that led to this fantastic new video from Tales In Space. Corn flour, water, speaker, good times… goo times.

Tales in Space is Luke Bertoz and Simon Widaur: two Sydney boys who like making sounds that your computer wants to dance to, and occasionally, you know, dressing up as scientists and conduct experiments. They’ve spent the last six months or so recording their debut album, including the backing track to the video – ‘Starwars’. (It’s stuck in your head already, isn’t it?)

So keep your ears pricked for more Tales In Space goodies, and while you’re waiting, just re-watch this video. Again. And again. And again…


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