View :: Porcelain Raft’s ‘Put Me To Sleep’

January 18th 2012

“Imagine if instead of water it would rain milk.” Such a musing was the inspiration behind this video from Mauro Remiddi, aka Porcelain Raft, aka the musical mastermind behind our current Album of the Week, ‘Strange Weekend’. The Italian-born, London-based producer has come up with a debut album that is brimming with heart, soul, summer, and something inexplicably sparkly. [Can sound-waves sparkle?! It seems they can now.] This track ‘Put Me To Sleep’ is equal parts soporific* and dancey – simultaneously lucid and hazy.

Up until Friday, we’re soaking Sydney’s airwaves in these rich, dreamy beats – and it seems as though a bath of milk is a rather fitting way to visualise Remiddi’s music. Smooth, creamy, white as porcelain… and so addictively good you just might want to jump in.


Put Me To Sleep from Porcelain Raft on Vimeo.



*Ed’s word of the week. Spread it on your sentences like butter.


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