View :: Planet Love Sound’s ‘My Shadow’

May 1st 2012


Shadows are one of those natural sources of wonder for curious creative souls. Like the horizon, ocean tides, moonlight and morning frost, shadows seem to have an inexhaustible supply of poetic beauty and inspiration. Of course, with this comes the danger of dilution through overuse: these innocent mysteries of nature often become the crux of cringe-worthy clichés. It is refreshing, then, to stumble upon artists who use them in a meaningful way: something that adds to the intrigue of the shadow, rather than relying on it to convey its own tired symbolism.

Evidently, Melbourne’s Planet Love Sound admire shadows as much as I do. Their new single ‘My Shadow’ is raw and brooding, foreboding and full of darkness. The accompanying video experiments with movement and lighting in both natural and unnatural ways: Dancers switch between flowing, natural stretches and sharp choreographed steps. Swirls of smoke are trapped in artificial beams of light. Faces, though still, are morphed with the movement of shadows.

Perhaps my inner poet is getting a little overexcited here. (I have always been a bit obsessed with shadow puppets…) But have a look for yourself: tell me this doesn’t make you want to stand in front of a wall, slowly curling your wrists and waving your limbs about, attempting to make your shadow look as beautiful as these dancers’… IS THAT JUST ME?!

My Shadow’ is the second single from Planet Love Sound’s EP, Part 1. You can download it right here for the simple price of your email address.

They will be playing at FBi Social on Sunday 13 May, with support from 1929Indian and Jason & The Lyrebird. Details at FBi Social!


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