View :: MA’s Horses Dream Of Horses

December 1st 2011

So you’re on a date with your twee soulmate, your tweemate if you will. The retro restaurant is about to close and the fashionably-clad waiters are packing up. Oh no! But you’ve got all these adorable pre-prepared dance moves to show off… WHAT DO YOU DO?

Find out what happens next in the warm fuzzy inducing, heartwarming video for Sydney duo MA’s brand new single Horses Dream of Horses, released just a few weeks ago. Directed & choreographed by Lisa Ffrench, the single is the first taste from their forthcoming album Dance Until My Heart Breaks. TUNE IN:


Download the single on iTunes or bandcamp y'all.

Also, check out the ISAXX remix on FBi's SoundCloud HERE:

MA – Horses Dream Of Horses (ISAAX Remix) by FBi Radio


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