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February 23rd 2012

You there! Sitting on the tweets, idly finding game advice on Cheat Planet, then instead lazily putting up with free-to-air reality TV because you’re too lazy to move. GET THE FUCK UP, grab ye coat and happy disposition and get out there to support local live music!

SLAM Day is upon us, the time for you to put those horns in the air and yell about how much you dig live music.

Save Live Australian Music (SLAM) is a collective of independent music lovers who fight for the survival of local live music. SLAM took on the Victorian Liquor Licensing in 2010 when they unfairly blamed live music for violence and debauchery on the streets. SLAM stuck it to The Man the ol fashioned way: a big fuck-off rally with 20,000 marchers through Melbourne. After months of meetings and negotiations, the SLAM team instigated the co-signing of the Live Music Agreement, officially declaring that live music wasn’t the cause of violent behavior.

Today is National SLAM Day, where over 100 venues all over Australia open their doors on some kickass live music to remind the powers that be of their general excellentness.

With so many options, here are our Top Three SLAM Sydney picks



If it’s fun and feelgood you’re after, make sure you make your way to the Crows Nest, in Crows Nest, near the legendary, mythical Crows Nest*. SLAM is getting right behind the Crowie’s Original Revival night, a movement started last year to give the best and brightest new Sydney bands a chance to play live.

For the second OR installment, co-presented with SLAM, catch the baddest genre spanners in the Inner West Sticky Fingers front their smooth blend of psych-garage-pop-soul-reggae-skillz. Get there early for Wollongong wailers The Walking Who, live favourites Static Silohuettes and adorable folksters Jason & The Lyrebird.

Local tap beers are five bucks from 7-9pm and they’ll be running the $10 lunch menu at dinner. Those crazy cats.

*Not a thing. We’ve looked.



Who: Sticky Fingers, The Walking Who, Static Silohuettes, Jason & The Lyrebird

Where: Crows Nest Hotel, 1 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest

When: 8pm

How much: FREE


Image from The Vine

We wouldn’t leave the Social stage unsung would we now? Find your way to the top of the Kings Cross Hotel for our very own place, FBi Social, a humdinger of a venue opened for the very reason SLAM is important, MORE LIVE MUSIC.

Check out headliners Bearhug along with Skullsquadron, Lyyar and The Cadres. FBi Supporters get a sweet discount on drinks and food at Social, so make a night of it and support our own live music venue.



Who: Bearhug, Skullsquadron, Lyyar, The Cadres

Where: FBi Social, L2 Kings Cross Hotel, 248 William St

When: Doors 6pm

How much: 10 bucks on the door



Image from Concrete Playground

It’s a pretty loud lineup of rhythm riding, face-melting shredders at Sydney’s rock capital, with mindblowing younguns Papa Vs Pretty fronting the stage alongside local favourites Cabins and ex Red Riders surf-grungers Palms.

The floor is less-sticky-than-before, beers are cheapish, there’s that god awful, irresistible Buck Hunter in the lobby and there are enough star-studded stories scrawled on the toilet walls to remind you how flipping great live venues are.



Who: Papa Vs Pretty, Cabins, Palms

Where: Annandale Hotel, 17 Parramatta Rd Annandale

When: Doors 6pm

How much: FREE


For more info on SLAM and the complete gig guide of registered events head to


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