View :: Grand Salvo live at FBi

September 7th 2012

Melbourne’s Paddy Mann, who also goes under the moniker Grand Salvo, wooed the ladies and gents at FBi with both his amazing live rendition of “The Boy’s Story of His Faithful Family Dog”.

On his new album, Slay Me In My Sleep, Salvo has a penchant for creating wonderfully long song titles. Song two, for example, is titled She woke at three with a thumping heart: She had dreamed once more of the night they met. (19th of May, 1928, Chateau de Chaalis, Seine-et-marne).

Even if saying all 16 of the song titles in one go doesn’t leave you breathless, you’ll most likely be gasping for air at the end of this video. I’m still wondering where his amazing beard went, though…


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