View :: Goodgod’s First Birthday

September 30th 2011


If Goodgod were a human I would kiss it on the mouth. It probably wouldn’t have a mouth through. It would have a blinking sign made up of carefully arranged chrsitmas lights reading ‘DRANK HOLE’. And you know what I would taste once I’ve had my filthy way with Goodgod’s colourful kisser? The sweet and lingering zing of chipotle mayonnaise, an unmistakable calling card of the Lev’s Dawg, the signature hot dog creation of maestro chef at The Dip, Andrew Levins.

Like any good casino, Goodgod can keep you captive for the better part of 12 hours. It’s disco cave atmosphere, lack of clocks and killer beats send you reeling into a time warp, the grip of which is evident when you stumble out into the blazing dawn. Yet unlike a casino, you can leave with your pockets half full and maybe even you’re dignity intact, with a pat on the back from Mark, Sydney’s friendliest bouncer. (Seriously, would not be surprised if he ran a purl stitch class for endangered sea turtles.)

I don’t even care that Goodgod isn’t a human; at least until human venue relationships are properly recognized (damn you small minded bourgeois!) And if Goodgod was having a birthday party it would probably go on for three days, have all the coolest acts from Sydney and beyond to come and boogie for their guest’s enjoyment, have exotic foods on selection and drinks in abundance. Oh wait, what?

Catch The Midnight Show with Hannah and Eliza from 12am Sunday mornings.


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