View :: Fleet Foxes Cover

April 26th 2011

In the title track of their second album, Helplessness Blues, Seattle sextet Fleet Foxes seem poetically confused. Frontman Robin Pecknold tells us that he was raised to believe that he was, "like a snowflake distinct amongst snowflakes", somehow unique. After pondering on this for some time, it seems he's come around to thinking that society's relentless preoccupation with the individual might be a touch destructive. He think's he'd rather be "a functioning cog in some great machinery/serving something beyond me".

Admirable sentiments to be sure, but we don't like to hear our Album of the Weeks wonders worrying. Especially when they're just served up such a richly textured and imaginative sophomore album for us all to enjoy. Here at the Flog we like to help a brother out, so we want to show those clever bearded hipsters just how much the world appreciates their craft. Put on a pot of tea, snuggle in away from the rain outside and check out this reverent cover of 'Tiger Mountain Peasant Song' by sweet Swedish sisters First Aid Kit.



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