View :: Collarbones ‘Die Young’ trailer

August 17th 2012

For a large majority of internet surfers, the extent of the productive interaction with others is a good thorough stalk on Facebook, or a riveting read of your seventy five year old great uncle’s status updates, who posts every ten minutes despite the unnecessary need to know what his doctor said about the mole on his neck or what just occurred on the toilet.

If we were all as productive online as Travis Cook and Marcus Whale, we might have a lot more to boast than embedded mental images of friends’ profile pictures. The pair form Collarbones, whose second album Die Young has just been announced for release on Friday 28 September. The duo met online several years ago, leading to the formation of their innovative music act. This long distance yet highly fruitful music-making relationship resulted in their first album, Iconography, being created in both Whale’s home town Sydney and Cook’s Adelaide, 1150km away from one another, collaborating via the internet.

A tough act to follow, you might think. But Collarbones seem up to the challenge: a few months ago they released a haunting new single, ‘Missing’, fuelling the widespread thirst for their second release. Die Young will not only include collaborations with Guerre and HTML Flowers – Collarbones’ new album will also be accompanied by a film, depicting teenage ghosts caught in limbo. The pair’s combination of electronic, percussive and lyrical sounds are represented in the forest world shown in the film, to create both a visual and audio experience.

While we’re still aimlessly internet surfing for another month until the release of the album, here’s a tantalising film preview of what is to come:


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