View :: Bleeding Knees Club’s ‘Nothing To Do’

February 27th 2012

MONDAYS SUCK! Let’s just admit it. They’re not the weekend, they don’t come with a bar tab, and they’re jam-packed full of deadlines, overflowing inboxes and not-nearly-enough-caffeine. But they only happen once a week, and most often you can get through ‘em by taking a few minutes out for some ludicrous, teenage-flashback fantasizing.

Like, maybe you and your best mate are superheroes in a video game.

And you can fly through space.

On a broomstick.

And there’s green lasers goin’ everywhere.

And you have to save this DAMSEL IN DISTRESS by shooting at these bad-ass evil trees with crazy faces…


Okay no seriously, snap out of it now and watch the video already, before I ruin it. Those punk-ass kids from Gold Coast, Bleeding Knees Club, have seized all your teenage fantasies and made this hilariously amazing, amazingly hilarious clip for their new single, Nothing To Do. It’s the title track of their debut full-length which we’re featuring as our Album of the Week til Friday on FBi. (Which, coincidentally, is the day it is officially released. WINNER!)

Go on, while the boss isn’t looking!

Happy Monday. xx


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