View :: Anna Lunoe + Flume ‘I Met You’

June 18th 2012

If someone told me this morning that they had something that could make it feel like summer, I’d have laughed haughtily in their face. Scoffed at them. Unless they had round black glasses and a lightning bolt on their forehead, there’s no way in hell I’d be prepared to fall for their cruel ploy: here in Sydney it has been a week of relentless cold, wet, grey hibernation. An entire city full of snotty tissues, like a real-life Codral ad. Summer? Pfft. Pass me another mug of mulled wine.

Then I was sent this video… and it made me eat my whingey, wintery words.  One of our favourite new producers Flume has teamed up with long-time local sweetheart Anna Lunoe and created something pretty magical. It’s called ‘I Met You’, and it’s like one little buzzy-as-hell summer pill. There’s frolicking, blue sky, yellow flowers, midi keyboards in lakes and trees drenched in multi-colour projections. There’s that vintage Flume choppiness, Anna’s sugar sweet vocals, chunky bass, and damnit, THERE IS JUST SO MUCH FROLICKING.

Go on now, winter kiddies. Take it. Take the summer pill. Frolick!

‘I Met You’ is out on Future Classic on a special 12″ EP from Anna Lunoe & Friends, Real Time. Grab the vinyl here, or you can wait until the track hits Beatport on 25 June and iTunes on 9 July.


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