Viet Cong on exploring new sounds, a new album and new name

January 29th 2016


  • Jordan Sexty :: Viet Cong interview on The Playlist


Scott “Monty” Munro and Danny Christiansen from Canadian post-punk group Viet Cong came down to the FBi studios for a bit of banter with Jordan Sexty on The Playlist. Ahead of their gig at Newtown Social Club, the pair discussed everything from the group’s beginnings as a Black Sabbath cover band to spending seven weeks living together in a Toyota Echo.

“We usually just drink a lot of white wine in boxes… grandma juice, we call it.”

Unafraid of putting their group dynamic to the test, they speak about launching into a trans-American and Canadian tour within weeks of forming the band. After all, isn’t that how bands get better?

“We dressed up as the ninja turtles [in] one of those hippie towns [and played] with dogs in the audience and dancing girls with hula hoops.”

Having recorded most of their debut album in a barn miles off the grid out of Toronto, the band shed some light on a new record they’ve been working on, to be released later this year. More synths and electronics, but “there’s still some rock songs”, and yes – it will be released under a different band name (as yet unannounced).

“It’s extremely hard to come up with a new name, especially when we’ve had this one for so long. When we were in Europe we had a suggestion box with us… the suggestions are mostly pretty ridiculous, but there’s a couple of good ones we have in mind.”




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