Video :: Panama ‘It’s Not Over’

October 24th 2012

What happens when you combine good looking hipsters, cute babies and armed robbery? Check out Panama’s video for their new tune ‘It’s Not Over’ to find out.

The video depicts a guy and girl going for a drive. Pretty standard stuff, right? Well, things get peculiar when the two commit armed robbery while their kid waits in the back seat. The two speed off, their unharnessed child chilling in the back with their gun. It’s the paradox of Panama’s chilled harmonies and the mild child abuse that makes this clip so fantastic.

Produced and directed by two Germans from ‘A Nice Idea Every Day’, the video was shot earlier this year in Berlin and captures a unique, romantic ambience that suits the tune very well.

It’s Not Over‘ will be Panama’s first single on their new EP of the same name. It’s out on November 2nd and, if it’s anything like the single, promises to deliver the smooth summer dance beats we’re all craving. Panama are fresh on the scene, releasing their first single ‘Magic’ this year. The five piece outfit are now signed to Future Classic (Flume, Flight Facilities).

So, do you like guns, babies and smooth beats? Then you have to check this out.


You can visit Panama’s website here:


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