Video :: New Clip from Sister Jane – “Great Highway”

June 29th 2011

Pretty much the only show whose opening credits I never skip is True Blood – the grimy, grainy footage suits both the leering full-moon blues it's set to, and the glorious sex-drenched Louisiana filth it precedes. Riding a similar midnight train is the new clip from Sister Jane, for their single 'Great Highway'. Constructed by director Ian Backer from over 75 hours of American educational, pseudo-educational, promotional and propaganda footage – with topics ranging from Amtrak, forest wildlife and the dangers of women in the workplace – it splices random images together to create a journey through landscapes, rocket launches, men dancing with tigers, and wild (probably marijuana-fuelled!) psychedelic dance parties. Backer says a few images were even taken from a short film by Homer Groening, father of Matt – look out for the shot of the Guy With Weird Glasses…


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